Dow in the Benelux


With 17 factories, Dow Terneuzen is Dow’s second largest manufacturing location in the world. The specialists in our international Research & Development Center work on innovations within and outside of Dow. Terneuzen is also the central point for supporting Dow services in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India. With our employees and our chemistry, we work on progress and innovation every day. Together with our partners, we create innovative products and sustainable solutions for the natural and human environments. For example, we ensure that we require less energy, can reuse water or can apply alternative raw materials. Dow Terneuzen is a diverse organization with more than 3,600 employees of more than 50 nationalities. As the largest employer in Zeelandic Flanders, we contribute to the region’s economic and societal success by supporting many initiatives and events. If you are ambitious and want to develop yourself, then Dow is the employer for you. Whether you work in customer service, finance, management, research, manufacturing or logistics; there is science behind your success. And that begins at Dow.

ValuePark Terneuzen

The Value Park, on the west side of Dow Terneuzen, covers 140 hectares and is targeted at companies that have a clear added value for the chemical industry. The convenient location is attractive for companies: the park has direct connections to the railroad, the road network and international waterways. In addition, the park is connected to Dow by means of a pipeline bundle.

Establishing a site at the Value Park is interesting for buyers and suppliers of Dow Benelux, and for companies involved in the storage, packaging or distribution of Dow products.

A number of storage and transshipment companies have already established themselves at the park, such as Ravago, Vos Logistics and Katoen Natie. Oil Tanking is also located at the Value Park and Bertschi operates a rail terminal.


Maintenance Valuepark

In recent years, more than 20 maintenance companies have established themselves at the Maintenance Value Park, close to the entrance of the Westerscheldetunnel in Terneuzen. The Maintenance Value Park is a competence center for the broad process industry in the region. From the new location adjacent to the Dow Benelux site, companies cannot only deliver their services to Dow but also to various other process industries. In addition to cost benefits, clustering encourages innovation through knowledge transfer and synergy between the different companies. The Knowledge and Innovation Center Maintenance Process Industry (Kic MPI) also has an important role to play in this. The Maintenance Value Park is located next to the enormous chemical facilities of Dow Benelux and Trinseo, in the Dutch-Flemish Delta where the largest chemical cluster in Europe is located.


Service Center

The Service Center that provides support to customers and the Dow organization in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India has more than 1,100 employees with a total of more than 50 nationalities. They are housed in the Terneuzen Diamond Center, an eye-catching office building. From there, customers and colleagues are supported throughout the EMEAI region. The diverse and inclusive working environment provides a fresh outlook, new perspectives and an original way of thinking.



Thousands of kilometers of pipeline are located underground in the Netherlands and Belgium. This allows gas, oil and chemicals to be transported under pressure. Through this vast network, Dow manages 215 kilometers of pipelines for the transport from our production site located in Terneuzen to our customers elsewhere.

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Working safe at Dow Terneuzen

To guarantee the safety of all people who work at the Dow company site in Terneuzen, a number of important rules apply. We have recorded these in the so-called Terneuzen Procedures and Terneuzen Policy Documents.

The most important rules for working safely at Dow Terneuzen are:

  • Wearing personal protective equipment is mandatory in the factories.
  • Virtually all executive activities are carried out under a work permit.
  • During the work, people regularly perform a workplace observation.
  • In the event of an imminent emergency situation, an alarm signal is given immediately. Everyone working in the field must know these signals and their meaning.