Science & Sustainability

Let's make change happen

By combining chemistry with science and sustainable choices, Dow wants to contribute to solving the most urgent problems facing the world, such as the energy and climate crises and the availability of safe and clean drinking water.

We are convinced that the chemical industry has a key role to play in the transformation toward a sustainable society. Dow can and must be a role model for this. We are also constantly looking at how we can integrate sustainability into all facets of our company and how we can reduce our footprint. Thinking and acting sustainably is in our DNA. Interested on what happens in Terneuzen?

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Roadmap to zero, Steel2Chemical, Wetlands and Robotics are just a few project names that you will find on our new sustainability platform. It may sound somewhat futuristic, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, they are ongoing projects in the search for innovative products and more sustainable solutions for the environment and our surroundings.

Our colleagues are here to answer all your frequently asked questions on safety topics such as flaring. Cees, Arjen and Ronald, among others, talk about various projects based on their passion and expertise. One of our initiatives is Schone Schelde, in which we join forces to reduce the plastic litter in and around the river Schelde.

Together we can close the loop!