CO₂ reduction basis for customization agreement with government

  • Today, together with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, we have signatured the Expression of Principles for a future tailor-made agreement in 2023.
  • The Dutch Government has agreed to the coalition agreement that tailor-made agreements with industry are necessary to ensure that the Netherlands sets the sustainability standard in Europe and worldwide. More information can be read in this newsarticle on (Message in Dutch). More info on a sustainable industry can be read here.
  • With our Roadmap to Zero, also called Path2Zero, Dow Benelux aims to achieve a CO₂ reduction of 42.5% by 2030 and net carbon neutral production by 2050.

Today, December 6, 2022, Anton van Beek, President Dow Benelux, Minister Adriaansens (Economic Affairs and Climate) and State Secretary Heijnen (Infrastructure and Water Management) and Jo-Annes de Bat (Provincial Executive of the Province of Zeeland) signed the "Expression of Principles". In this declaration of intent, CO₂ emissions reduction forms the basis for tailor-made agreements with the government.

co2 reduction agreement

The main principles that Dow Benelux endorses by signing the document are:

  • CO₂ reduction: We aim to reduce CO₂ emissions from the Dow Terneuzen site by 1.7 Mton by 2030. This means a 42.5% reduction compared to our current emissions and thus 8% of the total industry target from the coalition agreement (equal to 12% of the total Dutch industry target as included in the 2030 climate agreement). Read more.
  • Circular and sustainable water management: We are taking the next steps towards 100% water reuse. Currently, our water consumption already consists of 75% recycled water and local rainwater. Read more.
  • NOx emissions: We are working to reduce NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) emissions by 10% by 2030. In the third phase of the Path2Zero project, we expect to achieve a reduction of over 60% compared to our current emissions. Read more.
  • Alternative Feedstocks: Together with the government, we are committed to increasing the availability of alternative raw materials such as pyrolysis oil from recycled waste and synthetic raw materials from external waste streams.

Positive developments for the living environment

By connecting chemistry with science and sustainable choices, we want to contribute to solving the most pressing problems, such as the energy and climate crisis. These agreements with the government ensure a further reduction of our CO₂ emissions which benefits the environment.

Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate, Micky Adriaansens: "We desperately need the products from the chemical industry for our daily life and convenience. At Dow, they make the plastics and chemicals used for food packaging, hygiene products, smartphones, and mattresses, for example. We want to make these processes cleaner, but we can't do it overnight. With this declaration of intent, we are taking an important step towards a clean and sustainable chemical industry. We will further develop this into customized agreements with the aim that Dow Benelux is climate-neutral by 2050."

State Secretary of Infrastructure and Water Management, Vivianne Heijnen: "Our industry has a future only if it is clean and sustainable, because people have a right to clean air, clean soil and clean water. Today we and Dow Benelux are taking an important step towards that clean and sustainable future. With this declaration of intent we are laying down the ambitions for 2030 and 2050. In addition to CO2, Dow Benelux will also reduce nitrous oxide emissions and deal with our scarce water sustainably. I am happy to put my signature to that."

Jo-Annes de Bat (Province of Zeeland): "Dow is one of the largest employers in the province of Zeeland. For the inhabitants of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and beyond, it is important that we put the living environment first in the declaration of intent. By signing, Dow contributes to the realization of a green industry in the Netherlands. I look forward to the elaboration of these agreements."

Anton van Beek (President Dow Benelux): "Dow has played a central role in Zeeland since 1965, and we want to continue to do so in the coming decades in a clean and sustainable way. With our project 'Path2Zero' we are working towards carbon neutrality in 2050. Given the scale and complexity of this challenge, collaboration with business, academia, government, and others is crucial. If anywhere the climate transition can be made a success, it is in Zeeland."

In addition to the aforementioned principles, we are also focusing on other impactful projects for our immediate community. For example, we are investigating the possibilities of supplying our residual heat to the community. Together with residual heat association Hoek, the Province of Zeeland, and the Municipality of Terneuzen, we want to provide households and other buildings with heating. Read more.

We make over 800 products in Terneuzen, which are the building blocks for thousands of consumer goods that we all use every day and are necessary for society. For example, we produce a wide range of liquids, plastics and other materials that are used to make, for example, shoes, cars, smartphones, paint, coatings, sunscreen, furniture, mattresses, and hygiene products. But perhaps more importantly, we also produce raw materials that other companies use in turn in the energy transition, such as for insulation materials, wind turbines and solar panels. We want to continue to provide those products while reinforcing our long-standing commitment to sustainability, so we need and want to change the way we manufacture those products to help address climate change. With the Roadmap to Zero, we want to ensure that low-carbon products can be made in the Netherlands.