More water reuse through new collaboration Dow & Evides Industriewater

Terneuzen - September 8, 2020 - Dow Benelux and Evides Industriewater recently signed a new cooperation contract for the next 20 years. Sustainability and innovation are the central thread in this new agreement in which the parties invest in the application of new innovative techniques that contribute to sustainable industrial water supply. 

Consciously dealing with the available freshwater supplies is becoming increasingly important all over the world, including in the water-rich Scheldt Delta. Consumers are already more aware of their water use, also for the industry there are many opportunities. For many companies, it is still a challenge to achieve water savings in operational processes. Evides Industriewater and Dow Benelux show that it is possible: by optimizing the processes, reusing waste water and using rainwater. These are applications that contribute to reducing the use of water sources that are also used for drinking water.

More sustainable and innovative water system
That is why Evides Industriewater and Dow Benelux will continue the collaboration for the next 20 years to make industrial water-use even more circular in the future and thus to reduce the intake of, for example, Biesbosch water to zero. There is collaboration with stakeholders in the region to enable a more sustainable and innovative water system. In the first phase of the long-term collaboration, research will be conducted into the integration of water solutions across company boundaries, together with Waterschap Scheldestromen, local stakeholders such as the Province of Zeeland, the municipality of Terneuzen and agricultural companies. One of the pilot studies focuses on the functioning of a wetland as a natural pre-treatment of the treated industrial and domestic waste water. After the wetland, the water is further purified to the high quality required for the industrial process. At the same time, it is being investigated whether it is possible to store rain and polder water in the subsoil in order to have supplies available during drought.

Years of cooperation
The intended result of this close cooperation is a reliable water supply, in quality and quantity. In this, Evides Industriewater and Dow Benelux are taking steps together in innovation and the common pursuit of sustainability and the circular use of industrial water.

Video about the collaboration: (made pre-corona)

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